Sunday, November 1, 2009

My family does exist

I found a book that was written by Evelyn Bartow.
It is titled "Bartow Genealogy" " containing everone of the name of Bartow decended from Doctor Thomas Bartow who lived in Crediton, England AD 1672"

In the book she has added another section called "The Barto Family"
"Till of late years, all of the name of Bartow in this country were suppose to descent from the Rev. John Bartow. Recently however investigation shows that a few members of the Barto family have added a w to their name, but trace their ancestory to a time anterior to the 18th century and too far back to be descendants of Rev. John Bartow. By tradition they claim descent from two brothers John and Francis, who were born say 1670 and came direct from France to Long Island"

She goes on to list this family with it's descendants.
I believe she wrote this book somewhere around the late 1800's
Both the Bartow family and the Barto family descendants are listed.
Nowhere do I see Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) listed or anyone that could be him or his father in either the Bartow or the Barto family.

It is interesting that Elijah Bartow is not listed either.
On the Barto side she lists that Jonah Barto went to Ohio in 1760 and there is nothing further on him.

On the census for 1850 TJ (sr) was listed on the census as T J Barto.
Elijah is listed as Elijah Bartow on the registary for "The Militia-Westchester County Third Regiment". Which was during the revolutionary war. He was also listed as having property in Queensbury New York and being "The first settler at the Ridge was Elijah Bartow who plied his trade as a blacksmith on what is known as the Gould Sanford farm. He lived in a log house near by."

Thomas Jefferson Bartow(sr) family was in New York many years. The Rev John Bartow family had many in New York.

TJ (sr) family went from New York to Ohio back to New York then to Wisconson.

I am confused why TJ (sr) family would not be mention, why Elijah's family would not be mentioned in this book. The records clearly state that they were there.

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  1. I have a grand mother from Ohio named Lavvanna or Lawana Bartow. Any info on her? I never met her.