Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I do know

TJ (sr) was born in 1810 in New York.
The 2 oldest children Mary Ann and Clarissa were born in New York in 1833 and 1835.
Sylvester and Eurilla were born in 1835 and 1836 in Ohio
Chester was born in Arcade, New York 1839
James- Freedom New York 1842
Sally - New York 1845
Calvin - 1848, Nelson - 1850 and Alma - 1852 in Yorkshire, New York

The family moved to Nekimi, Wisconsin in 1853
I found this in a biography on his son James Volney Bartow.

Edit : Clarissa was born in Ohio not in New York, according to the census.

Ella 1855 and Thomas Jefferson (jr) 1859 were born in Ohio.

Elijah Bartow's family had a presence in Harrison County Ohio in the 1830's

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