Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have kinda run into a brick wall. I think I am on the wrong path with Henderson Bartow and Elijah Bartow. I cannot find any information that links them with Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr).
I can see some facts on Elijah Bartow but I just can't tie it in.

My sister Laurie called me a bit ago and she is excited about learning our family history. She is looking for information too. She ran across a post from someone who was looking for information about the Bartow family. I had seen the "family tree" she has on the web site for the Bartow family and her history doesn't go any farther that Thomas (sr) either. I emailed her in hopes of getting some information from her.

I think I will go back to Theodosia's family tree to see if I can tie any of her family into ours. Uncle Jack seemed pretty positive that there was a relationship there.

I also need to do some research on how to research.

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