Monday, January 11, 2010

Dad's side

Too, too many. Not enough hours in the day.

I talked to my Dad's brother and sister, Uncle Dick and Aunt Lee.
They will be a really good source when I get into the Vanderhoofven and Wood side.
There has been a lot of research on my grandmother on my Dad's side. There is two of my cousins that have done extensive research on them. I need to contact them.
Whenever there has been family gatherings they have been Vanderhoofven from what I remember. I wish I would have paid more attention at the reunions. I remember many of the Vanderhoofvens very well. I do not recall meeting any of the Wood family.

I have memories of my grandparents Vanderhoofven as a child. I really don't have alot of memories of my dad's parents when I was a child but I do as an adult.

Uncle Dick has this awesome photo album that belonged to my grandfather.
Lots of good photos but they are not labeled.

Not sure where I am going next. I think I will put all the information in the trees then go back to the Boyd family. I need to talk to Uncle Jack first, maybe he will have some insite into the Boyd's and the Wilhelms.

I feel that I have a lot to do, I want to do it all. I would really like to get to know them, not just know their names.

Seems I keep bouncing from side to side.
Need to settle in again.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The other side

I am giving Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) a break.

I have exausted every think I can find on the internet, as far as I can tell. Until I am able to get to the Family Center or a library, I am taking a break. From him at least.

I have started on Mimi's family.

I have a lot of photo's of her immediate family.

Her parents were John and Ethel Ivalene Boyd Wilhelm.

The photo's I have are all written on the back as to who they are and the dates. I am very, very, happy about that. My photo's that I have of my family are all just shoved in a box.

I really, really need to fix that. Hopefully someday my great, great grandchildren would be happy if I dated and identified them. It's kinda cute everytime Grandmother Ethel is on the pictures she has written her entire name out, along with everybody else's entire name.

There is some "cousins" that have Ethel Ivalene Boyd Wilhelm's family thru her father's mother back to 1532 to a Thomas Wise in England. I have not verified any of this, but someone has gone to a lot of work.

I have contacted a "cousin" from Her great grandmother is the sister of Grandmother Ethel's father, Amor Boyd. She is emailing me some things. Awesome!!

I have not located John Wilhelm's family. I just wrote Uncle Jack, hopefully he knows something.

I haven't blogged for awhile because I haven't learned anything new about TJ (sr) for awhile.

I still have been searching but nothing new.

I read the novel about Theodosia but there was not really anything in there about the Bartows.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Who is Mary L Loomis?

In the 1850 census when Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) was living in Yorkshire, New York, there was a Mary L Loomis lwas living in the household. Her name could be Mary Lovins but it looks to me like it is Loomis.

Random thoughts

Volney, New York. James Volney Bartow.

Alanson Loomis lived in Volney, New York in 1860
Alanson Lomis lived in Yorkshire, New York in 1840

Jesse Barto lived in China NY in 1850 mother,father and mother was Jesse Barto and Eunice Loomis
Father of Hiram Barto

Chester Bartow born 1839 in Arcade, NY
James Volney Bartow born in Freedom NY in 1842

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Newest Bartow descendants

My new grandchildren, Jaelyn and Easton. They are beautiful.

Thomas Jefferson Bartow's (sr) great, great, great, great grandchildren.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Samuel Nichols

I have found where Samuel Nichols lived in 1830 - China, New York.
According to my research on his age, his wife and childrens ages at that time, I am pretty sure that is him. I spent a bit of time looking for Thomas and Nancy in China and around that area but no luck. I am not sure if Nancy lived with Thomas at the time of the cenus there is a female in the household that is 10-14. Nancy might have been 14 at the time the census was taken since her birthday is not until the end of October. It also could be one of her siblings I have not identified yet. I need to see if I can find out when the census was taken.

Not much else. My grandtwins are going to be born tomorrow, I haven't spent much time on this the last week.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nothing Happening

I am the cute one. I use to call my sister FatR.
She has manners not to call me fat now.
This is my grandmother on my mothers side Mimi. I loved her very much.
I can't wait to get started on her side of the family.
After Mimi's family I will start on my fathers side.
I do remember a family renion on my fathers side someone had a family tree. I need to see if I can get ahold of that. My parents were divorced when I was around 6 and I didn't know my fathers side of the family until I was grown.
It will be nice to get to know the history.
I am going to make a trip the the library and the Family History Center. Maybe this weekend.
I have gotten a little better organized. I am back on Nancy Nichols Bartow's family .
I am trying to find out where here father lived in 1830. The year she got married.
I think I have the right one. I am not able to access the census's tonight- server error.
Hopefully it will work tomorrow

Samuel had 9 children. If I have the right Samuel he had 2 boys and 1 girl under 10 on the 182o census.
The girl would be Nancy.

I have only accounted for 6 of the 9 children
Nancy 1815
Calvin 1822
Samuel 1825
Ira 1831
Clarissa 1836

Nancy has children named Calvin and Clarissa.
Samuel was living with Clarissa in Spring Creek, Warren, County Pennsylvania in 1880.

Nancys census says she was born in New Hampshire, the newspaper article about her death says she was born in Warren county. I am on search to see where she and Thomas were living in 1830.

Thats it for now, pretty slow. But I am much better organized.

I need to make a list of things for the library. I am not sure what I can expect to find.
But I hope to find things about Grandfather and Mimi, and maybe his previous wife.

I might take a trip to Delta too, see what is in their library. Probably get some good stuff on my parents and Uncle Jack. Even my Dad's side of the family.
Should get something on Mimi's side too.
I have a lot of old pictures from Mimi's side dating back to the early 1900's, I am working on getting them on a CD.

I got the book "My Theodosia" hopefully will get into that soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I need to get organized.

I have pages and pages of notes. It takes me way too much time trying to find something I wrote down. When I do find it I don't know where it came from or it is an actual fact or event. I also need to learn how to do research. I am an unorganized mess. I am going to scale back my search for Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) until I can get a system.

I have been found by, which suprised me. I started this blog to help me track how and what I was doing, and to let my sisters, daughter and Uncle see my progress. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, it really does help.

I need to do a little better job of editing if somebody outside the family is actually reading this.

So for now I am researching research, and going to learn a little more about how a genealogist goes about it. I need to find out how to get the information from wherever it is they get the information I can't find.