Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I do know

TJ (sr) was born in 1810 in New York.
The 2 oldest children Mary Ann and Clarissa were born in New York in 1833 and 1835.
Sylvester and Eurilla were born in 1835 and 1836 in Ohio
Chester was born in Arcade, New York 1839
James- Freedom New York 1842
Sally - New York 1845
Calvin - 1848, Nelson - 1850 and Alma - 1852 in Yorkshire, New York

The family moved to Nekimi, Wisconsin in 1853
I found this in a biography on his son James Volney Bartow.

Edit : Clarissa was born in Ohio not in New York, according to the census.

Ella 1855 and Thomas Jefferson (jr) 1859 were born in Ohio.

Elijah Bartow's family had a presence in Harrison County Ohio in the 1830's


I have kinda run into a brick wall. I think I am on the wrong path with Henderson Bartow and Elijah Bartow. I cannot find any information that links them with Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr).
I can see some facts on Elijah Bartow but I just can't tie it in.

My sister Laurie called me a bit ago and she is excited about learning our family history. She is looking for information too. She ran across a post from someone who was looking for information about the Bartow family. I had seen the "family tree" she has on the web site for the Bartow family and her history doesn't go any farther that Thomas (sr) either. I emailed her in hopes of getting some information from her.

I think I will go back to Theodosia's family tree to see if I can tie any of her family into ours. Uncle Jack seemed pretty positive that there was a relationship there.

I also need to do some research on how to research.

I am stuck

From the census records of 1930 I can see where Mimi and Grandfather lived in Grand Junction. The address on the census says 1334 Ouray, the map that pulls up shows it to be on 5th between Rood and White, which is the Alpine bank building. Not sure why the difference unless 5th was called Ouray back then.

When I was veiwing the learning video for it said that a lot of people lied about their ages on the census. The 1930 census lists Grandfather as 34 and Mimi as 23. He had to be 40. I wondered if he lied because to cover up that he was alot older than Mimi or did they incorrectly record this.

I cannot verify anything about Thomas Jefferson Bartow's (sr) parents or grandparents. There is another tree that lists Henderson Bartow as his father and Elijah Bartow as his grandfather. I cannot find anything that proves this. I am able to see some census information that lists Elijah Bartow but it does not list the other family members.
The information that someone else has on their tree shows Elijah born in 1770 in New York and died in 1844 in Ohio. he was married to Elizabeth Carpenter.
Henderson Bartow was born in 1789 in Erie New York. Berma B. Bartow is listed as his wife but I ran across the census that supposedly showed her on there and her age as 75 and living with Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr). Which would make sense because she is suppose to be his mother. When I look at that census I can see where they could make that mistake, but that census actually says that is Alama B Bartow age 7, daughter of TJ Bartow (sr). I don't even know if Henderson or Berma exist. I do see Elijah listed on a census.

I went back and tried to tie John Bartow and Theodosia Bartow to TJ Bartow (sr) but I still cant make the connection. I am stuck. I am going to go learn how to do more research.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Bartow

So far I have

Erna S Bartow son of Thomas Jefferson Bartow

Thomas Jefferson Bartow son of Thomas Jefferson Bartow

Thomas Jefferson Bartow son of Henderson Bartow

Henderson Bartow son of Elijah Bartow

Grandfather 's father was the youngest of twelve children.
This picture is of my Great, Great, Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Bartow (senior) which would be Grandfather's grandfather. I found it on a family tree of one of his great, great Granddaughters. Guess that would be a cousin somehow.
I am stuck on Elijahs parents so I am going back to Thomas Jefferson Bartow (senior)


I googled Theodsia and found another book written about her " Theodosia Burr Alston: Portrait of a Prodigy" by Richard Cote. Apparently she is the daughter of Aaron Burr and Theodosia Bartow Prevost http://

Theosdosia's father was a Bartow.
Through her mother she was a fifth generation member of the Stillwell family from Virginia, New York and New Jersey, as well as a fifth generation Sands from New England and Long Island, and a fifth generation Ray from New England. On her father's side she was a third generation Bartow from Westchester and New Jersey with some relation to Pells of Westchester and a third generation Reid from New Jersey and Westchester. The Stillwells, Sands and Rays had generally experienced upward mobility from farming into the mercantile and professional class, the Reids and the Pells were land rich and well-connected families, and the Bartows were a well-educated professional family.

I am not sure how all this is releated to me, but it looks really interesting.

Finding my ancestors

I need something to do this winter; I decided to check out my family tree.
I know nothing about my grandfather’s family and next to nothing about my grandmother’s family on my mother's side. I decided to start with my grandfathers family, Erna S Bartow. My grandfather died when I was 10. I remember him playing solitare, making things in the shed and the Collie he had named Callie. I remember he had an orchard. He took me out to the orchard once and picked a pear off the tree and gave it to me to eat. I had never had a pear before. I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the texture of it in my mouth. I still don't like pears. Whenever I see a pear I think of my grandfather. (weird I know)

I started last night on, I am not even sure I am headed in the right direction. My mother died in 1980 and my Uncle is the only one left that can give me any information. I haven't really had a lot of contact with my Uncle Jack since my mother died. I always have the fondest memories of him when I was growing up. He always bought the coolest presents. One of the Christmas presents that I remember was he bought all of us girls an album. The one I got was "Peter and the Wolf". I also remember the "nesting" dolls he brought back from Russia, I wish I still had them. Anyway I called my Uncle Jack. It was really nice to chat with him. I really need to get over and see him.

He gave me lots of information and is mailing me a few things. I am excited to get started. I jotted down a few notes, hopefully I got them correct. They are fascinating.

My grandfather's mother was born in Oslo Norway her maiden name was Carrie Halverson she came the United States when she was a child. Her family settled in Wisconsin. Uncle Jack is not sure how she made it to Colorado, I think he told me her mother died when she was young but I am not positive he told me that. They settled in Manzanola, Colorado which is where she died when she was 98 or 99. I have been in Colorado all my life and have never heard of Manzanola. She was married to Thomas Jefferson Bartow. He died when he was in his 40's from a kidney infection. She never got over it. Uncle Jack says he remembers her taking him and my mother to the cemetery to visit their grandfather’s grave, telling them that this is where she would be buried. She never remarried. My grandfather took over his father's canning factory business when he was 14 and supported the family.

My grandfather had one brother Earl and two sisters, Alberta and Ester. He remembers playing with Alberta’s children Lois and Don in Delta, CO when he was growing up. There was another brother but he was older. I just jotted down notes so I hope I am getting this correct. If not I will fix it later when I make sure it is correct.

Some of the fascinating things he told me -There is an aunt - Theodosia that was married to Aaron Burr and something about she had a child, her and the child died in a boating accident but where never found. She was somehow in love with or fascinated by either Meriwether or Clark the explorers.
There is a book written by Anya Seton called My Theodosia this gives some historical account of the Bartow family.
Uncle Jack has something on his wall that he is going to send me a copy of about a 9 acre mansion that was built in 1664 by Thomas Pell in New York City. It was purchased from him by John Bartow back in 1790. It is now a museum Pelham Park. I just googled Pelham park and it says “Like many of New York City's parks, the land on which it sits has a long and intricate history”
When I get a chance I’ll read some history on it.

Uncle Jack has a German friend that is into history that told him the Bartow’s were Prussian slaves then immigrated to Russia then France then the US.

I wrote down Robert Bartow built a house, not sure what that was about.
Uncle Jack is going to jot down somethings he remembers and send them to me. I am excited to get started.