Saturday, October 31, 2009

I am stuck

From the census records of 1930 I can see where Mimi and Grandfather lived in Grand Junction. The address on the census says 1334 Ouray, the map that pulls up shows it to be on 5th between Rood and White, which is the Alpine bank building. Not sure why the difference unless 5th was called Ouray back then.

When I was veiwing the learning video for it said that a lot of people lied about their ages on the census. The 1930 census lists Grandfather as 34 and Mimi as 23. He had to be 40. I wondered if he lied because to cover up that he was alot older than Mimi or did they incorrectly record this.

I cannot verify anything about Thomas Jefferson Bartow's (sr) parents or grandparents. There is another tree that lists Henderson Bartow as his father and Elijah Bartow as his grandfather. I cannot find anything that proves this. I am able to see some census information that lists Elijah Bartow but it does not list the other family members.
The information that someone else has on their tree shows Elijah born in 1770 in New York and died in 1844 in Ohio. he was married to Elizabeth Carpenter.
Henderson Bartow was born in 1789 in Erie New York. Berma B. Bartow is listed as his wife but I ran across the census that supposedly showed her on there and her age as 75 and living with Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr). Which would make sense because she is suppose to be his mother. When I look at that census I can see where they could make that mistake, but that census actually says that is Alama B Bartow age 7, daughter of TJ Bartow (sr). I don't even know if Henderson or Berma exist. I do see Elijah listed on a census.

I went back and tried to tie John Bartow and Theodosia Bartow to TJ Bartow (sr) but I still cant make the connection. I am stuck. I am going to go learn how to do more research.

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