Friday, November 27, 2009

Who is Mary L Loomis?

In the 1850 census when Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) was living in Yorkshire, New York, there was a Mary L Loomis lwas living in the household. Her name could be Mary Lovins but it looks to me like it is Loomis.

Random thoughts

Volney, New York. James Volney Bartow.

Alanson Loomis lived in Volney, New York in 1860
Alanson Lomis lived in Yorkshire, New York in 1840

Jesse Barto lived in China NY in 1850 mother,father and mother was Jesse Barto and Eunice Loomis
Father of Hiram Barto

Chester Bartow born 1839 in Arcade, NY
James Volney Bartow born in Freedom NY in 1842

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Newest Bartow descendants

My new grandchildren, Jaelyn and Easton. They are beautiful.

Thomas Jefferson Bartow's (sr) great, great, great, great grandchildren.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Samuel Nichols

I have found where Samuel Nichols lived in 1830 - China, New York.
According to my research on his age, his wife and childrens ages at that time, I am pretty sure that is him. I spent a bit of time looking for Thomas and Nancy in China and around that area but no luck. I am not sure if Nancy lived with Thomas at the time of the cenus there is a female in the household that is 10-14. Nancy might have been 14 at the time the census was taken since her birthday is not until the end of October. It also could be one of her siblings I have not identified yet. I need to see if I can find out when the census was taken.

Not much else. My grandtwins are going to be born tomorrow, I haven't spent much time on this the last week.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nothing Happening

I am the cute one. I use to call my sister FatR.
She has manners not to call me fat now.
This is my grandmother on my mothers side Mimi. I loved her very much.
I can't wait to get started on her side of the family.
After Mimi's family I will start on my fathers side.
I do remember a family renion on my fathers side someone had a family tree. I need to see if I can get ahold of that. My parents were divorced when I was around 6 and I didn't know my fathers side of the family until I was grown.
It will be nice to get to know the history.
I am going to make a trip the the library and the Family History Center. Maybe this weekend.
I have gotten a little better organized. I am back on Nancy Nichols Bartow's family .
I am trying to find out where here father lived in 1830. The year she got married.
I think I have the right one. I am not able to access the census's tonight- server error.
Hopefully it will work tomorrow

Samuel had 9 children. If I have the right Samuel he had 2 boys and 1 girl under 10 on the 182o census.
The girl would be Nancy.

I have only accounted for 6 of the 9 children
Nancy 1815
Calvin 1822
Samuel 1825
Ira 1831
Clarissa 1836

Nancy has children named Calvin and Clarissa.
Samuel was living with Clarissa in Spring Creek, Warren, County Pennsylvania in 1880.

Nancys census says she was born in New Hampshire, the newspaper article about her death says she was born in Warren county. I am on search to see where she and Thomas were living in 1830.

Thats it for now, pretty slow. But I am much better organized.

I need to make a list of things for the library. I am not sure what I can expect to find.
But I hope to find things about Grandfather and Mimi, and maybe his previous wife.

I might take a trip to Delta too, see what is in their library. Probably get some good stuff on my parents and Uncle Jack. Even my Dad's side of the family.
Should get something on Mimi's side too.
I have a lot of old pictures from Mimi's side dating back to the early 1900's, I am working on getting them on a CD.

I got the book "My Theodosia" hopefully will get into that soon.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I need to get organized.

I have pages and pages of notes. It takes me way too much time trying to find something I wrote down. When I do find it I don't know where it came from or it is an actual fact or event. I also need to learn how to do research. I am an unorganized mess. I am going to scale back my search for Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) until I can get a system.

I have been found by, which suprised me. I started this blog to help me track how and what I was doing, and to let my sisters, daughter and Uncle see my progress. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, it really does help.

I need to do a little better job of editing if somebody outside the family is actually reading this.

So for now I am researching research, and going to learn a little more about how a genealogist goes about it. I need to find out how to get the information from wherever it is they get the information I can't find.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I pulled all the cenus' from 1820 with the name Bartow. I made an excelspreed sheet with all the Bartow's that have males 10 and under. There are 45 of them in 28 families. I looked up the Barto's also there are 5 of them in 5 families. I thought I would try and account for them see if I could narrow it down.
Looks like a lot of work.
When I first started looking at these census', there was an Anna Bartow listed in Owego, New York with a son 10 or under. In the same town is a Caleb Nichols. Need to see if he is any relation to Nancy. Anyway, Laurie is going to track this lead down. Hopefully there is something there. I am going to try and cross some of these off my list.

Last night I found Nancy (Nichols) Bartow family. Well I am 95% sure.
Some of her census lists her as being born in New Hampshire and some say Pennsylvania.

Her father is Samuel Nichols born in 1794. This is what the article says

"Nichols, C.W., Spring Creek, was born in Spring Creek in 1849. He is a manufacturer of lumber and shingles, and a farmer, owns several hundred acres of timber land, and has done very much to advance the business interests of the town. He was married in 1876 to Mary A. Catlin. They have had four children born to them - Helen, Irene, Rue, and Bessie. His father, Calvin Nichols, was born in Genesee county, N.Y., in 1822, and married Irene Sanford, who was born in Batavia, Genesee county, N.Y., in 1827. They had a family of six children born to them - C.W., Mary, Flora, Orley, Etta, and Dewey. C.W.'s paternal grandfather, Samuel Nichols, was born in New Hampshire in 1794, and served in the War of 1812. He married S. Townsind, and to them were born nine children, five of whom are now living - Nancy, Calvin, Ira, Ratio, and Clarissa"

I am thinking her mother is either Sarah or Sally, I can't remember what I decided, but I am pretty sure her maiden name was Townsend not Townsind.

I feel pretty good about finding this, I searched a long time for any proof that Nancy's family existed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uncle Jack

I spoke to my Uncle Jack again this evening.
I needed to pick his brain and find out why he thought that our family was related to Theodosia. He sounded more than positive that we are.
It is really good to talk to him, I really enjoyed it. Its really too bad that we never kept in contact since my mother died.

I have some more leads to follow.

Here is some of what he said.
Most of what he remembers he got from his Grandmother, Carrie Halvorson.
He does not know how much got embellished.
The Bartow family was split by the Civil War.
Some went south some went north.
There was a story about one of the family's that there were 12 son's that half went north and half went south during the war.
The family became wealthy having plantations down the east coast as far as Florida.
There is some sort of museum that the Bartow family funded in Maryland. He thinks Maryland is where the family got divided during the war.
Sylvester is a name that is passed down every generation. If there is a Sylvester in the name, first or last, he will be related. Uncle Jack's middle name is Sylvester so was Grandfather's. Theodosia is the female name passed down.
My daughter Tasha, is having twins a boy and a girl, due in about a month. I am pretty excited about this. She doesn't have names picked out. I am going to call her and suggest Thoedosia and Sylvester.

I am excited to get a fresh start.
Laurie and Lisa have gotten involved and are just as fanatic about this as me.
Uncle Jack said he was delving into it too.

My husband thinks I am a fruit cake. Anytime I get involved in something I go overboard, but I am finding this fascinating. I can't wait to get into Mimi's (grandmother) history.

Uncle Jack sent off a letter about some of the history he remembers that he was told while he was growning up, and a copy of whatever it is he has hanging on his wall about the Pellham Museum.
I am excited to get it.

I have been going in circles yesterday and today. Not really getting anywhere, jumping from one thing to the next. I find something I think I am going to trace, find something else and going in a different direction, never getting anywhere. It is pretty frustrating finding information, not being able to verify it then finding it somewhere else and its a completely different story. I think part of my problem is not knowing where or how to find out the information. I need to edit some of my previous posts, things I thought were true that aren't. For instance Clarisa (TJ's daughter) was born in Ohio not New York. I spent many hours trying to find where 3 of TJ's children were born in Ohio. Nothing.
Laurie thinks TJ changed his name. Funny thing was the thought crossed my mind too.
We can follow the census' and see where he lived. We see his children and their spouses. Even the childrens' spouses' family. Just can't find TJ's parents.
I am glad to have some more information to follow. Laurie and Lisa were in the same pattern that I was, jumping around getting no where.
I just found "My Theodosia" on Amazon. I ordered it. I was going to do it last week but never did. Uncle Jack says I would really enjoy it.

I need to see if I can get in contact with some of Grandfather's siblings family. There are some in the Denver area I think. I saw that Earl Bartow had made a post on one of the forums. Maybe some of the other Bartows know something.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Nancy Nichols, according the the cenus was born in 1814 or 1815 in New Hampshire.

The History of Arcade states that Samuel and John arrived in1809-1812.
They were both born in New Hampshire.
Euvilla was the first white female to be born in town.

I am confused again, it is bedtime.

According to a newpaper article in 1902 Nancy and Thomas J had 13 children.


TJ (sr) had a daughter named Eurilla that was born in 1836 in Ohio
TJ's wife was Nancy Nichols.

There was Eruilla Nichols born in 1811 who was the daughter of Samuel Nichols of Arcade, New York, she married Hiram Bartow in 1832. This I have proof of.

TJ (sr) married Nancy Nichols who was the daughter of Samuel Nichols.
Most have listed Samuel as her father. Samuel had a brother John. Another person has listed the children of Samuel, Eruilla is listed but Nancy is not, so I am not sure if Nancy's father was Samuel or even John.
Samuel Nichols and his wife had 6 children, I wonder if that Nancy and Eurilla were sisters or cousins. Samuel had a brother John Nichols married to Salley that also lived in Arcade.

Samuel spent some time in Freedom, New York.

Children of TJ
James Volney Bartow was born in Freedom New York in 1842
Chester Henderson was born in Arcade, New York in 1839

was Thomas Jefferson Bartow the brother of Hiram Bartow who was according to Evelyn Bartow came down from the Francis Barto family tree, no relation to Rev John Bartow.

I am thinking there is a connection somewhere.
I am also seeing where there is an Elisha Bartow, not sure if the same as Elijah Bartow (sr) or if related or have anything to do with TJ (sr) family. I found this quote " Land sold by Elisha Bartow and his wife Mary, brothers Theodosius and Basil Bartow". Does this say that Elisha was brother of Theodosius and Basil or just that Theodosius and Basil were brothers.

I am thinking there is a relation between Elijah Bartow family because of the fact the TJ(sr) had two children born in Ohio.

I am going to try and find out about Hiram and see if he is somehow related to TJ.
I need to try and find out where in Ohio Eurilla and Sylvester were born.
How does Elisha and/or Elijah tie into this.
Charity Leverich was from Queens County New York, I saw a map of her familys property.
Thomas Barrow had property right next to theirs. Could this be Thomas Bartow.
Charity was married to Elijah Bartow.

I am more confused but it feels like I made some progress if I am not barking up the wrong "tree"*v88t1038&id=I0463,3548,1332,3576;1331,3549,1477,3575;1539,3633,1708,3662;1273,3725,1455,3754&pid=123&ssrc=&fn=eurilla&ln=bartow&st=g

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My family does exist

I found a book that was written by Evelyn Bartow.
It is titled "Bartow Genealogy" " containing everone of the name of Bartow decended from Doctor Thomas Bartow who lived in Crediton, England AD 1672"

In the book she has added another section called "The Barto Family"
"Till of late years, all of the name of Bartow in this country were suppose to descent from the Rev. John Bartow. Recently however investigation shows that a few members of the Barto family have added a w to their name, but trace their ancestory to a time anterior to the 18th century and too far back to be descendants of Rev. John Bartow. By tradition they claim descent from two brothers John and Francis, who were born say 1670 and came direct from France to Long Island"

She goes on to list this family with it's descendants.
I believe she wrote this book somewhere around the late 1800's
Both the Bartow family and the Barto family descendants are listed.
Nowhere do I see Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) listed or anyone that could be him or his father in either the Bartow or the Barto family.

It is interesting that Elijah Bartow is not listed either.
On the Barto side she lists that Jonah Barto went to Ohio in 1760 and there is nothing further on him.

On the census for 1850 TJ (sr) was listed on the census as T J Barto.
Elijah is listed as Elijah Bartow on the registary for "The Militia-Westchester County Third Regiment". Which was during the revolutionary war. He was also listed as having property in Queensbury New York and being "The first settler at the Ridge was Elijah Bartow who plied his trade as a blacksmith on what is known as the Gould Sanford farm. He lived in a log house near by."

Thomas Jefferson Bartow(sr) family was in New York many years. The Rev John Bartow family had many in New York.

TJ (sr) family went from New York to Ohio back to New York then to Wisconson.

I am confused why TJ (sr) family would not be mention, why Elijah's family would not be mentioned in this book. The records clearly state that they were there.