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I pulled all the cenus' from 1820 with the name Bartow. I made an excelspreed sheet with all the Bartow's that have males 10 and under. There are 45 of them in 28 families. I looked up the Barto's also there are 5 of them in 5 families. I thought I would try and account for them see if I could narrow it down.
Looks like a lot of work.
When I first started looking at these census', there was an Anna Bartow listed in Owego, New York with a son 10 or under. In the same town is a Caleb Nichols. Need to see if he is any relation to Nancy. Anyway, Laurie is going to track this lead down. Hopefully there is something there. I am going to try and cross some of these off my list.

Last night I found Nancy (Nichols) Bartow family. Well I am 95% sure.
Some of her census lists her as being born in New Hampshire and some say Pennsylvania.

Her father is Samuel Nichols born in 1794. This is what the article says

"Nichols, C.W., Spring Creek, was born in Spring Creek in 1849. He is a manufacturer of lumber and shingles, and a farmer, owns several hundred acres of timber land, and has done very much to advance the business interests of the town. He was married in 1876 to Mary A. Catlin. They have had four children born to them - Helen, Irene, Rue, and Bessie. His father, Calvin Nichols, was born in Genesee county, N.Y., in 1822, and married Irene Sanford, who was born in Batavia, Genesee county, N.Y., in 1827. They had a family of six children born to them - C.W., Mary, Flora, Orley, Etta, and Dewey. C.W.'s paternal grandfather, Samuel Nichols, was born in New Hampshire in 1794, and served in the War of 1812. He married S. Townsind, and to them were born nine children, five of whom are now living - Nancy, Calvin, Ira, Ratio, and Clarissa"

I am thinking her mother is either Sarah or Sally, I can't remember what I decided, but I am pretty sure her maiden name was Townsend not Townsind.

I feel pretty good about finding this, I searched a long time for any proof that Nancy's family existed.

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  1. I will be following your search with interest. While I do not have either Barto or Nichols ancestors both surnames figure into my research.

    I have John C Barto (son of Francis) because two of his daughters married into my Wisner line. A cousin that descends from one of those lines has his tree online and perhaps he has more information.

    In my Carlisle line I have Cyrus R Nichols (b abt 1816 VT) of Bethany, Genesee, NY. He married Eliza A Carlisle. I have not done much research on him but will note that Bethany is not far from Batavia in one direction nor from Arcade, Wyoming county in another, so it is possible that he is somehow related to your line.

    Happy Hunting!