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TJ (sr) had a daughter named Eurilla that was born in 1836 in Ohio
TJ's wife was Nancy Nichols.

There was Eruilla Nichols born in 1811 who was the daughter of Samuel Nichols of Arcade, New York, she married Hiram Bartow in 1832. This I have proof of.

TJ (sr) married Nancy Nichols who was the daughter of Samuel Nichols.
Most have listed Samuel as her father. Samuel had a brother John. Another person has listed the children of Samuel, Eruilla is listed but Nancy is not, so I am not sure if Nancy's father was Samuel or even John.
Samuel Nichols and his wife had 6 children, I wonder if that Nancy and Eurilla were sisters or cousins. Samuel had a brother John Nichols married to Salley that also lived in Arcade.

Samuel spent some time in Freedom, New York.

Children of TJ
James Volney Bartow was born in Freedom New York in 1842
Chester Henderson was born in Arcade, New York in 1839

was Thomas Jefferson Bartow the brother of Hiram Bartow who was according to Evelyn Bartow came down from the Francis Barto family tree, no relation to Rev John Bartow.

I am thinking there is a connection somewhere.
I am also seeing where there is an Elisha Bartow, not sure if the same as Elijah Bartow (sr) or if related or have anything to do with TJ (sr) family. I found this quote " Land sold by Elisha Bartow and his wife Mary, brothers Theodosius and Basil Bartow". Does this say that Elisha was brother of Theodosius and Basil or just that Theodosius and Basil were brothers.

I am thinking there is a relation between Elijah Bartow family because of the fact the TJ(sr) had two children born in Ohio.

I am going to try and find out about Hiram and see if he is somehow related to TJ.
I need to try and find out where in Ohio Eurilla and Sylvester were born.
How does Elisha and/or Elijah tie into this.
Charity Leverich was from Queens County New York, I saw a map of her familys property.
Thomas Barrow had property right next to theirs. Could this be Thomas Bartow.
Charity was married to Elijah Bartow.

I am more confused but it feels like I made some progress if I am not barking up the wrong "tree"*v88t1038&id=I0463,3548,1332,3576;1331,3549,1477,3575;1539,3633,1708,3662;1273,3725,1455,3754&pid=123&ssrc=&fn=eurilla&ln=bartow&st=g

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