Monday, November 9, 2009


I need to get organized.

I have pages and pages of notes. It takes me way too much time trying to find something I wrote down. When I do find it I don't know where it came from or it is an actual fact or event. I also need to learn how to do research. I am an unorganized mess. I am going to scale back my search for Thomas Jefferson Bartow (sr) until I can get a system.

I have been found by, which suprised me. I started this blog to help me track how and what I was doing, and to let my sisters, daughter and Uncle see my progress. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, it really does help.

I need to do a little better job of editing if somebody outside the family is actually reading this.

So for now I am researching research, and going to learn a little more about how a genealogist goes about it. I need to find out how to get the information from wherever it is they get the information I can't find.

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  1. What a surprise to discover your blog. I have "Barto" in my family--one of my favorite family names is my 3rd great grandfather, Barlo Barto. He is part of the family history I inherited from my aunt and cousin so have a lot of documenting to do. But, that said he was born in 1810 in New York, died 14 June 1891 and is buried with several of my more immediate family members in Alton Cemetery, Vergennes township, Kent County, Michigan. I will add your blog to my daily feed to see if we can make a further connection